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  1. Click on Login from the menu to go to login page.

  2. In the "Select Your Group" field, click on the arrow to display a drop down menu and then select the Individual option.

  3. In the "ID Code" field, type in your Payer ID, the non-zero digits on your card.

  4. Type in your name as it appears on your Tax Clearance Card into the "Log-in Name" field.

  5. As a first time user, your Payer ID  serves as your default Password, enter it into the "Password" field.

  6. Click on the Log In button.

    Being a first time user, you will be taken to the Change Password page. You are required to change your password for security purpose. In creating a new password, care should be taken as the passwords are CASE SENSITIVE i.e. "JOHN" is not the same as "john" and still not the same as "John".


  1. To change your password, enter the details into the required fields and click on update. You will be taken back to the log in page to log in with your new password, this will take you to the Individual menu page where you can verify your e-TCC card.



Lagos State Government EBS-RCM-Home