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(1)  Checking for a Taxpayer ID and Tax payer Name using the Search menu item on EBS-RCM Website



Step 1 Select the Search For Sub Menu option from the Information Menu


Step 2  Select Individual Option from the lists of Search criteria if the tax payer is an individual , otherwise, select Company details from these options.


Step 3 Type the Full name(First Name, Middle Name and Last Name) of an Individual Taxpayer  as a search criteria. Supply part or full name of a company if the Taxpayer is a Company.


Step 4  Click on the Submit button and a list of similar Payer ID and Payer name to the one you typed would be displayed

Step 5  Select the appropriate payer ID with the corresponding Payer Name



(2)   Locating the Taxpayer Details on an e-TCC Card



Step 1 Tax Payer Name is written just above the bottom most yellow column of an e-TCC Card

Step 2 The Payer Reference is boldly written on the bottom yellow column of an e-TCC Card

Step 3 The payer ID is the non - Zero digit at the rightmost part of the payer reference separated by a slash /



(3)  Validating an e-TCC Card


Step 1   Enter the Payer ID

Step 2   Enter the full name as written on the Card

Step 3   Click on the Submit button




Payer ID Unique Payer ID assigned to Tax Payers e.g  n-1049955 , c-39104 where n or c connotes  a taxpayer as either  Individual or Corporate

Full Name Full name of Tax payer as it appeared on the card or as displayed when using the search menu option.

Passport    - An exact copy of Passport photograph to the one shown on your e-TCC card. The Passport will not appear if your card is yet to be fully processed.

Corporate ID The assigned ID of Company/Business of Taxpayer

Status - Confirms whether your card is ready for collection


Validity Period Confirms that your card is genuine and the validity displayed conforms with the validity on the hologram at the back of your e-TCC Card.


NOTE : Always compare the information details output from the website after a verification with the details on your e-TCC card.


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