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  • Increases the internally generated revenue base of Lagos state
  • provides easy administration, monitoring and co-ordination of all revenue activities in the state
  • Assists to indentify fraudulent debit, diversion of funds and excess charges on the state accounts



The Lagos State Government has created a customized database infrastructure based on cutting-edge technology, which simplifies revenue collection and tax administration. The new system:

  • Eliminates  all sources of revenue leakage on all fronts especially through Taxpayers, Revenue officials, and Banks.
  • Has created an online Database in respect of Taxpayers whose tax paying habits are monitored real-time.
  • Is able to generate with a high degree of accuracy projected revenue of future periods from all sources.
  • Is able to generate reports showing revenue distribution by revenue type and revenue agency.
  • Is able to show distribution of revenue collected geographically.

Lagos State Government EBS-RCM-Home